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I am the mother of a food allergic child.

The Mend hexagon
The Mend hexagon – inspired by sacred geometry, numerology, and alchemy.

Mend Body / Spirit is a for-women by-women small-batch self-care brand focusing on allergy-safe and intolerance friendly, chemical-free, simple and natural products and methods that allow you detox, relax, and mend. Hand-crafted in a nut-free environment with healing intention, low-waste production, good for you and Mother Earth.

I am a mother of a food allergic child. I am a mama bear, a label reader, an ingredient scrutinizer, a customer service caller. I am a holistic health advocate, a low waste & sustainability advocate, an allergy advocate, a modern alchemist, a Certified Crystal Healer, and a Certified Health Coach.

Being a food allergy parent, or just simply being a parent, is undoubtedly exhausting. There is worry on top of worry, and the last thing I want to add anxiety about is if the product I just put on my – or my son’s – skin is going to cause him to have an allergic reaction. No way. Not worth it to me. When it comes time for this mama to relax and unwind, destress and let go of all the allergen exposure what-ifs of daily life, I want to do it chemical-free and risk-free. Otherwise, what’s the point?

One of my son’s many anaphylactic allergies is to Coconut, and trust me, it is HARD these days to find any soap, shampoo, lotion, even toothpaste, that does not contain Coconut or Palm or any of their derivatives within it, or not manufactured in facilities that do.

Mend Body / Spirit was created out of necessity for finding simple, unadulterated, non-toxic, chem-free, and allergy-safe products that do not contain any Top 8 Common Allergens. I’ve been steadily creating small-batch replacements for store-bought products over the last few years and I want to share them with others.


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